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Use the account list or tap the transactions card on the dashboard.

Reviewing your history from the account list
Choose your account from the list. The bar chart automatically defaults to the current month and will display that history. Tap on a different month for that account activity.

Transactions card
The Transactions card on the dashboard has a view all option, giving you access to your information at every financial institution you have accounts–all in one place. Search for specific transactions by entering a payee name, category or amount. To narrow it further, tap on a filter.

Pending Visa® transactions appear on the purchase month account history. To see past Visa transactions, tap on the previous month's bar chart.

General Information and Use

America First's free Mobile Banking application gives you anytime, anywhere access to all of your accounts, including those with other financial institutions, in one location. Based on eligibility, you can also:

  • Check account balances and view recent transactions
  • Transfer funds
  • Deposit checks
  • Pay Bills
  • Review spending and budgets
  • Apply for loans & more

Log in to Online Banking at and complete the enrollment process. Use your account number and PIN, set up security questions, then select an image & phrase. After that, you can return to Mobile Banking.

It requires device permissions for certain features. A camera is necessary for mobile deposits, contacts are needed for Popmoney, and location permissions are used for ABC Deals and finding our branches.


The dashboard is the first (landing) page shown after logging in to the app. It shows your current account balances. These do not reflect outstanding transactions, such as pending Visa® purchases, uncashed checks, or bill payments. To view your available or credit balance, select the account from the Accounts list and the account details are automatically expanded.

To see more, select your account from the list. A drop-down menu will automatically expand, displaying this information.

The balance after pending charges is an estimate, including pending Visa transactions. This doesn't reflect any outstanding automatic withdrawals, bill payments, uncashed checks or Visa pre-authorizations, such as those for gas and hotels.

This is the amount you must pay in full by the due date to avoid finance charges on your Visa credit account. Statement balances may vary at other financial institutions. Check with them for their policies.

The dashboard displays up to 15 accounts. To customize it, tap on the gear icon to view your accounts. Then hold and drag an account into your preferred order.

Scroll to the bottom and select Customize Dashboard. From there, you can toggle Net Worth, and Spending and Budgets on & off or drag the tiles to rearrange the display order.

Additional America First accounts may be added via aggregation or by account linking in Online Banking. Aggregating accounts will result in read-only views.

To add by account linking, log in to Online Banking and select Other Services. Then an additional America First account can be linked to the primary account. You can only link accounts that have matching Social Security numbers.

To link under Preferences, choose the accounts you want and check the box to grant access. Accounts will need to be linked between both accounts.

Adding or aggregating an account allows you to see its balances and transaction history. Your aggregated and added accounts are read-only, don't allow funds transfers, and balances are updated periodically throughout the day based on the corresponding institution's system. Spending and budgeting tools can be used for these accounts. First, select Add an Account from the dashboard. Then search for the provider. Find the institution and enter your user name & password. If necessary, answer any security questions.

Accounts added with Mobile Banking or aggregated through Money Manager in Online Banking have a tilde (~) in the displayed account number.

If an account needs attention, it will display a red or yellow exclamation mark. Yellow: This may indicate a connection error. To correct the issue, select the account with the exclamation mark and enter new log-in information or verify your existing credentials. Red: Shows an added or aggregated account may be locked or unavailable. To confirm access, contact the institution at which you have the account.

Nicknames automatically load in Mobile Banking. To change a name, log in, choose the account you want to modify and tap on the menu to the right of account details. Then select Edit Account Details and change the name. These changes will only apply to Mobile Banking.

Yes. By default, all accounts and loans will be displayed. To hide accounts, select Settings, then Accounts. After locating the account, choose Hide.

The account you use to log in and any account linked to it cannot be deleted. Accounts added in the mobile app or within Online Banking's Money Manager tab can be deleted. Hide your accounts if you don't want to see or manage them.


Mobile Banking displays 90 days of account history. Continued use generates a rolling one-year history. Histories of added or aggregated accounts vary according to the providing institution.

One Mobile Banking transaction can be divided by two or more. With this feature, you can accurately account and budget for unique transactions under multiple categories.

This will remove the transaction from all calculations & account histories, including budgets and spending. Once it's excluded, you'll see a button you can use to reintroduce the transaction.

The dashboard displays combined transactions from your home and aggregated accounts. To see transaction details for a specific account, select it from your list.

Mobile Deposit

With this service, you can electronically deposit checks directly into your America First account. Simply log in to Mobile Banking and select Deposit from the dashboard. Enter the transaction amount, then take a picture of the front and back of an endorsed check.

Some accounts are restricted for security or other reasons. Please call 1-800-999-3961 with questions.

Yes. It's $5,000 per-day, per-account. This can be met with a single check or through multiple deposits. Checks for more than $5,000 must be deposited at a branch or through an ATM with this capability.

Unfortunately, no. You must log into the linked account to complete the deposit.

Usually within one or two business days.

No, checks must be made payable to account owner(s).

No. Checks drawn on institutions outside the United States are incompatible.

You can use either the auto & manual capture feature. Auto will focus on the check image inside the frame and take the picture for you. With manual, you decide when to capture the image. For the best quality, ensure the check is flat, on a dark surface, and in a well-lit area.

When you deposit a check, the front and back images are processed through a number of validations to verify image quality and negotiability.

We recommend keeping checks until you can verify that funds cleared from the issuing financial institution.

You can get copies by calling 1-800-999-3961 or visiting a branch.

If it's returned for any reason, the deposit amount will be debited from your account and we'll notify you with Online Banking's secure messaging. Items may be re-deposited at branches depending on the case. Contact the check's maker with further inquiries.

Spending, Budgeting, and Net Worth

It's a comprehensive tool displaying your spending behavior by transaction. Transactions are grouped and show a spending percentage for each category. They are automatically categorized based on prior spending. When you change a category, Mobile Banking will remember your preference.

Budgets are auto-generated based on the last 90 days of your spending history. To add a budget, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard and tap on the budget card. From there, you'll see/change current budgets, create new ones, and see where your spending is by the bubble's color.

Green = less than 80% used.
Yellow = more than 80% spent.
Red = more than 100% expended.

Budgets are auto-generated based on your last 90 days of transaction history. To create a category, there has to be at least one transaction for two consecutive months in that area. However, you can develop a manual budget at any time. Do this by selecting the plus sign and choosing a category. From there, choose a predetermined subcategory or create a new one. Once you have a budget, you can customize it as you see fit.

Click on a transaction to open its detail view. Then tap on the category field on the transaction line and select from the drop-down menu. Editing transaction details-such as payee description, transaction date, tags & flags-is also available. If the transaction date is modified for a budget, the original date will still display under details. Editing details does not change the way transactions appear on your statement.

Click on the Budgeted Amount to change it.

Tap on the one you want to remove and select Delete.

The net worth card presents a summary of assets and liabilities associated with your accounts. This includes your primary and any linked or added accounts.


Yes, it has the same high-level security as Online Banking.

Mobile Banking requires your PIN or password, as well as correct answers to challenge questions, when you log in.

Fingerprint Authentication

Touch ID and fingerprint authentication get you into Mobile Banking. Just enter your account number and PIN or password, then check the Enable Touch ID or Fingerprint box. You'll be active for consecutive logins.

iOS: Use Touch ID with Apple devices that can scan fingerprints.

Android: Fingerprint works on Android 6.0 and newer operating systems. They also need to scan fingerprints.

Yes. You can always log in with your America First account number & PIN or password. Simply tap Cancel when the app asks for your fingerprint or enter your iOS passcode.

If you use Touch ID or fingerprint authentication, anyone who saves their fingerprints to your device or knows your passcode can access your America First account, as well as other apps with this feature.

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